We've been busy working to help companies adapt to COVID-19, but a reimagined Digitist is coming soon!

Digitize your Business DNA®

Digitist develops web-based startups and digital systems for small business. Combining business expertise with software design and engineering prowess, we help our clients leverage technology to gain competitive advantage.

Business Value, Flexibility and Client Involvement are cornerstones of our proven methodology

Digitist Software Develop SDLC Methodology/Process

Our projects follow an adaptive, yet structured process that has been perfected over many years working with very diverse clients. We maintain a laser sharp focus on how we can deliver maximum business value while engaging our clients to provide continuous feedback at every phase.

Client Benefits Overview

With an active Digitist Monthly Support Plan (MSP), our clients receive responsive support, continued technology guidance, the ability to continue to shape their software as needs change, and many additional benefits, perks, and assurances. For small businesses, we also note that your IT departments get freedom from maintenance, so they can continue to focus on their core operations.

Guaranteed Availability
Continuous Software & Security Updates
Application Uptime & Continuity Guarantees
Project Financing & Rate Lock-in
Managed & Third-party Services Administration
Client Roadmap (Technology Advisory Services)

Monthly Support Plans (MSP)

Software systems and websites must be monitored, maintained, upgraded, and supported. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable technology guidance, responsive and knowledgeable service and support after the initial project. All plans are low commitment, short-term 6 or 12 month service contracts. One simple monthly invoice. Upgrade your plan at anytime.

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The value-add of transforming into a digital business

We work alongside our clients to collaboratively develop software to improve their businesses. Below are just some of the ways in which we can make an impact.

Business and IT aligned

Our impact extends beyond just the delivery of software to the delivery of business value, form-fitted to your strategy, objectives, infrastructure, and resources.

Differentiate with Technology

Digital technology is leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes and will completely disrupt traditional businesses. Become more agile, efficient, and responsive. Improve customer experience with new channels for personalized self-service supported by digital workflows and strategic insight.

Efficient & Modern Workflows

Reduce costs, increase speed, and empower people to focus on what matters with software that streamlines service delivery by automating unnecessary manual tasks and connecting people to the right information and capabilities wherever needed.

Powerful Collaboration

Bring the people in your organization together to work better than ever before with software that enables remote communication, collaboration, and control.

Data-driven Decision-making

Transform data into real-time information and insight to empower executives, management, and front-line employees to make decisions supported by data, from strategy to task-level.

Innovative Capabilities

Whether you're a small business or a startup, Digitist can develop a technology platform that delivers your services digitally to meet customers' increasing expectations for personalization, self-service, and 24/7/365 availability.